Remember the past,
plan for the future,
live for today.

Use Yonderlife to share your memories, tell your story, document your affairs and value your assets.

What people are saying

"My daughters are fully aware of how I want to live a full life. Yonderlife enables me to be clear with my wishes. I have shared what I want with both of them and they know where everything is including my will. I can update my life at anytime and they see it automatically."

Beatriz, 69

"Our mum is dealing with Alzheimers. As her memory deteriorates we have captured her life, our family history and many things we never knew about. We have uploaded both our power of attorneys and a copy of mum’s will so we have been able to help mum with the variety of challenges that arise with extreme memory issues. Yonderlife helps massively if you all live in different areas and have busy lives."

Craig, 52
James, 50
Liane, 48
Chloe, 46
Lynne, 75

"Mum’s been on her own for some years and along with my brother we needed to manage all our discussions as we live in different part of the the country. We use Yonderlife for mum and it has enabled us to have constructive discussions about mum and dad’s estate and what mum really wants."

Tim, 49
Barbara, 84

Yonderlife Memories

In the end, your memories define your life.

Live it
Capture it
Store it
Share it
Pass it on
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Yonderlife About Me

It’s a blank canvas.

Say what you feel
Leave your funeral wishes
Detail your affairs
Write your autobiography
Tell your story
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Yonderlife Accounts

Document your affairs. Help your family.

Insurance policies
Financial accounts
Utility services
All other accounts, subscriptions, clubs and societies
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Yonderlife Assets

Money matters when you have danced your last dance.

Create an estate inventory
List your life’s assets
Upload images and documents
Enter a value
Estimate estate value
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Yonderlife Executor

Be a better executor.

Save money
Create a probate file
Value an estate
Assist organising a funeral
Help obtain grant of probate
Help administer an estate
Personalise your way
Assign responsibilities
Enable reminders
Upload files and images
Work alone or with family
Share with probate solicitors
Complete audit history
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What to do when someone dies

Coping with Alzheimers, Dementia or another incapacity issue?

We want to help with a challenge that our family is meeting. My name is James and this is my mum, Lynne. Between five and six years ago...

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You can use Yonderlife for someone else

Yonderlife is built for you. Choose to use it yourself or ask a loved one to help. Sign up for free.

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Arranging a funeral, obtaining grant of probate, administering an estate?

You may be a nominated executor or a concerned family member. You may be starting to understand what needs to happen...

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